Game Of Thrones season 8 Interesting Facts you need to know


The seventh season of Game of Thrones ended over a year prior, however that doesn’t mean fanatics of the show have quit dismembering each and every scene. All through the last 400-something days, fans have spent real minutes of their lives endeavoring to make sense of what’s in store for Season Eight. Also, they’ve thought of some intriguing stuff!

On the off chance that you can hardly wait until April for a few answers, we’ve assembled a portion of the best Game of Thrones Season Eight speculations and expectations that may really work out as expected. On the off chance that spoilers are a thing that worries you, perhaps quit perusing now in light of the fact that, since fans are fundamentally composing this show now, a portion of these will most likely occur.

Ned Stark is alive and will return

I know this sounds insane, yet there’s a great deal of proof out there this could occur in their initial report from the arrangement of Season Eight, EW wrote that they saw various characters that they didn’t hope to see once more. Who might be more startling than Ned Stark? Furthermore, amazing the time on this show and return. Jon Snow, The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, The Mountain, and, in the books, Catelyn Stark—they all are revived in some frame or another. Indeed, everybody looked as Ned’s head was obviously separated from his body and set on a spike on the defenses of King’s Landing. In any case, imagine a scenario in which that wasn’t really Ned Stark who was executed before his whole family, the extravagant eminence, and a bundle of furious, filthy ordinary citizens.

Is Tayrion Actually Targaryen too ?

Presently that we know Jon Snow is a Targaryen, the following shock kin will be none other than Tyrion. This originates from the mainstream A + J = T hypothesis, which implies Aerys in addition to Joanna levels with Tyrion. The books detail the Mad King Aerys’ fixation on Tywin Lannister’s significant other, Joanna. As indicated by the hypothesis, Aerys impregnated Joanna, who kicked the bucket when bringing forth Tywin (also, so completed two other Targaryan kin: Jon and Daenerys). It would likewise disclose Tywin’s last words to Tyrion—”you’re no child of mine”— alongside his general abhor for his most youthful child. Also, recall how chill Tyrion was with those little monsters?

Arya will b next Little Finger

Although news appears to travel mysteriously quick in Westeros, it’s conceivable that the greater part of the south is uninformed of Littlefinger’s end in the Season Seven finale. This would make it quite advantageous for Arya to head out to King’s Landing (where Littlefinger used to have a lot of intensity) utilizing his face as a veil. Since she’s the person who completed the execution, it’s conceivable Arya can utilize his as she did with Walder Frey’s in the season debut. Regardless of whether Littlefinger isn’t actually greet in King’s Landing now, it could be an advantageous route for Arya to draw near to the general population on her slaughter list down south.


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