Mount Tetnuldi



Have you ever wanted skiing on the 5 KM long mountain? Tetnuldi is one of the highest mountain in Caucasia. The actual height is 4852 metres and is located in north-west side of Georgia. The ski resort was built three years ago and there everything is still really fresh. Upper half of the hill is always covered by snow, IN ANY SEASON. This is insane possibility for every ski lover.

The resort is 15 km far from Mestia. The centre of the region, where you can reach with public transports like bus, minibus and even aeroplane. There are direct flights from capital.

Resort Tetnuldi has the biggest ski area in Caucasia with 30 kilometers of runs. Although there is only one hotel and several fast food restaurants, but fortunately it’s really near from the city and almost every tourist prefers to stay in Mestia and just take a trip when they want skiing.

There are wide choises of ski types. Like Freedive, Heliskiing, Skitour and also paraglider flying and horse riding tours. You need 8 hours driving from the capital Tbilisi by car and half and hour flight by plane to reach Mount Tetnuldi, one of the most extremal places in region.

So, if you really want to enjoy with this beauty, Climbing Georgia  is the best way to feel this amazing experience.



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